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A proof extension for Sphinx.

This package contains a Sphinx extension for producing proof, theorem, axiom, lemma, definition, criterion, remark, conjecture, corollary, algorithm, example, property, observation, proposition and assumption directives.


  1. directives are automatically numbered

  2. supports directive options such as class, label, and nonumber

  3. can easily be referenced through prf:ref role

Getting Started#

To get started with sphinx-proof, first install it through pip:

pip install sphinx-proof

Juputer-Book Project#

Add sphinx_proof to your extra_extensions config in _config.yml

    - sphinx_proof

you may then use jb build <project> and the extension will be used by your JupyterBook project.

Sphinx Project#

Add sphinx_proof to your sphinx extensions in the conf.py

extensions = ["sphinx_proof"]

you may then build using make html and the extension will be used by your Sphinx project.