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A proof extension for Sphinx.

This package contains a Sphinx extension for producing proof, theorem, axiom, lemma, definition, criterion, remark, conjecture, corollary, algorithm, example, property, observation and proposition directives.


sphinx-proof 0.0.3 is in a development stage and may change rapidly.


  1. directives are automatically numbered

  2. supports directive options such as class, label, and nonumber

  3. can easily be referenced through prf:ref role

Getting Started

To get started with sphinx-proof, first install it through pip:

pip install sphinx-proof

Juputer-Book Project

Add sphinx_proof to your extra_extensions config in _config.yml

    - sphinx_proof

you may then use jb build <project> and the extension will be used by your JupyterBook project.

Sphinx Project

Add sphinx_proof to your sphinx extensions in the conf.py

extensions = ["sphinx_proof"]

you may then build using make html and the extension will be used by your Sphinx project.